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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

law of attraction

The law of attraction (or co-creation, the law of manifestation) is a very popular subject nowadays. The book "The Secret" has not brought anything new since these topics have been mentioned for decades. The authors were inspired by works such as "The Science of Getting Rich" (Wallace D. Wattles) or "The Infinite Power of Your Mind" (Lauro Trevisan), yet the positive effect of all this is that the authors propelled the awakening of collective consciousness.
A lot of people started researching this topic and co-creating collectively.
I have been researching this topic myself for some years now, my book is "Anavarana- Rewriting Reality", with new methods to increase biomagnetism and enhance manifestation, combining old magical systems with recent visualization techniques, NLP, quantum physics and even more.

Overcome situations of lack / feeling happy :

Being broke, sad, or melancholy is often common among many people. How is this possible? Similars attract each other (as opposed to the science cliché in which opposites attract). Feeling bankrupt attracts more money-scarce experiences. It is a vicious cycle as it can easily be transformed when we understand the fundamental laws of how our mind and spirit interact with the universe.

It is your underlying state of BEING, in this case, being bankrupt, that creates the resulting thoughts and feelings in your mind. As a whole, this whole message is transmitted to the universe, which, in turn, brings you more of the same: experiences of failure. One of the laws of manifestation is that we must be before we can do and do before we can have. Of course, modern society has distorted all this.

Being broke is a powerful message that we are sending to the universe and to ourselves. We are in a state of being and being down. This will tell us how to act so that we keep failing, and we will keep having this condition of being broke in our lives.
Your life experience is an outward reflection of your inner reality. All the thoughts and feelings you hold consciously and unconsciously are what create the experience that is your life. Your past has created your present and it will create your future. It can be hard to understand that we are responsible for what we experience.

I remember being unhappy and then experiencing events that I perceived as causing unhappiness. So I would say to myself, "I'm unhappy about that". It's no wonder you're unhappy.
I was stuck in my cycle of thoughts and had no idea that I was responsible for my unhappiness. To break the cycle, you first need to know what was broken to fix it. It was the message I was sending. I thought there was a very simple way to fix this.
If you notice one day that I am unhappy and realize that being unhappy is the cause of my ongoing experience of unhappiness, on that day I can choose to change.

All I have to do to break the cycle is choose to be happy. It takes nothing outside of me to be happy. All I have to do is become aware, pause, and tear myself away from being happy, replacing it with unhappiness. We all have this ability. The choice is an exercise of free will. You can choose to be happy, healthy, rich, or whatever you want.

Take a moment and just be happy. It is possible for someone to do and a very powerful exercise once they have done and understood. If you are happy, you will do things that will make you happy and bring happy experiences into your life. Being happy is the first step to a happy life. It seems almost a riddle, but understanding this unravels the secrets of life.
If you are short of money, look inside. You will feel down and you are in a powerful state of BEING. Awareness of this gives you the choice.

You can choose your state of being. Imagine what it is to feel rich. Take that feeling and hold it, you are now being rich. This is like breaking the vicious cycle of being bankrupt.
By feeling rich, you are transforming the signals you are transmitting.

Wealth is emanating and the laws of cause and effect have no choice but to bring to themselves what is already within. Now your actions will begin to bring you the wealth you feel inside. Because you are aware of your states of being, you can choose to change them.

The positive results will come back to you, following the natural laws of the universe.

being happy

The power of Choices:

Whatever you create or do not create in your life comes from choices. Embrace and understand the dynamics of this essential ingredient of power. You suffer when you strip, feeling that you are not in control of your destiny. Freedom is in understanding that you can choose everything! Even in "inaction" there is a choice. In reality there is no true inaction or stagnation.

You can justify your situation by proclaiming: "I have no choice" "I can do nothing to change my circumstances" "there is nothing I can do" etc. This is a false belief. You can "choose" to let the outside world affect how you see your situation; There is never a situation where you have no power and no choice.

With each choice, there is a consequence and an associated energy price. So you are just choosing which energy price you have decided to pay. If you are currently in a job situation where you are unhappy, you can try to make several choices. You can choose to stay because you are afraid of change, the economy, or whether or not you can find another means of profitability. The price you will pay for this choice is to continue with feelings of boredom, anger, hopelessness, lethargy or depression. Eventually this feeling will affect other areas of your life.

You can also change the energy of how you view your situation. Simply using a empowering way of thinking can create a dramatic change in how you view your situation.
"I'm going to stay at this job because it gives me an income right now. I will keep my eyes open for new opportunities and I know this is a temporary situation and I can choose again anytime."

You can choose to leave work with the understanding that you are a creative being and can manifest a new source of income. From an outside view, this seems to be the most "expensive" option in terms of energy. However, on another level, it is not. What is needed is a deep faith. The first of these three examples is actually the most "expensive" to continue to live under such circumstances, robbing your life force. The kindest of the three is the second option, the boldest and most magical is the last. The same wisdom applies to relationships (both platonic and romantic).

You can choose to be in an unhappy, stagnant or abusive relationship. You may continue to complain about how unhappy you are and how you cannot leave the relationship for various reasons. You can justify and make excuses for your circumstances - yet; all the time you will continue to live in anxiety and pain. You can choose to continually dream about what else may be in store for you, but never give yourself a chance to explore the possibilities.

The price for this choice is a non-calculable value. You may choose to leave the relationship and understand that this choice may lead to some pain and loneliness for a short time.
You may feel sadness and loss, but with that will come an undeniable sense of freedom.
The level of your anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings will decrease, paving the way for a higher vibration of life, affirming energy.

Your statement would be "I choose to leave this relationship / friendship because it is not contributing to my ultimate joy and happiness.
I know it can be painful for a while - yet I also know that there are millions of people on the planet and countless opportunities to meet new friends and loves ".

When you use the word choice in a statement, prayer or thought - the ears of angels brighten and they listen.
The universe begins to realign your world to meet that choice. The same principle applies to what you see as "absent" in your life. Whether you create a business, prosperity, a new job or a relationship, but you see that nothing is manifesting in your life. You can then choose how you view your situation. You can make conscious choices about how to get to the place you want.

Statements like "I will never work for myself, I have no means to start my own business."
"I will never find a good job", "I will never find my soul mate", "I will always be poor", "I will never get what I want" - everything reinforces the CHOICE to create more of it.

Choose creative and life affirmations and ways of thinking and observe how your life is transformed. I choose to take steps to immerse myself in the knowledge and learning I need to start my own business. I choose to put all my energy into creating what I want.
I chose to KNOW that there are a wonderful abundance of potential life partners and friends in the world for me. I choose to attract people I would like to be with. I choose to embrace health and vitality. I choose to feel good.

I decide to allow prosperity to flow into my life. I choose to allow my spiritual discernment and faith to be my guiding force.

Acceptance or Resilience?


Resistance is sometimes healthy, but if it is subtle and measured resistance.
Feeling of restriction, tightness, blockage, feeling of frustration, emotional confusion, judgment, are symptoms of resistance.

When something bad happens in your life, accept it, but keep in mind that it is a passing situation, constructive acceptance is different from resignation.
Resistance is useful if there is a flu or a virus, for example. If your body's immune system is functioning as it should, you will have good "resistance to disease", you will be healthy.
Resistance to the temptation to do something that goes against your core values will strengthen you, while giving in to that temptation will weaken your character.

Resistance can be an indicator that something is not right for you. It is good to notice resistance and ask yourself, "Why do I feel this resistance?"
There is another side to resistance. The other side of resistance destroys exactly what we want.
This resistance arises from dislike for change. Human beings are a little peculiar, because we offer a wish to the universe, and then we resist the very changes that that wish sets in motion.

Emotions are "energy in motion" (emotion = energy in motion). When we try to suppress an emotion (especially one that we think is negative or dangerous) it does not disappear, it enters our subconscious mind where it silently sabotages our life by establishing resistance that invites more negative experiences and creates tension between people who used to have fun.

Resistance not only delays the manifestation of our desires - resistance disintegrates; separates; decomposes; it fragments our true self. We lose our sense of integrity.
We feel disconnected from the source (God, the divine). This disconnect begins to manifest itself in how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others. Therefore, we are measuring strength with our best friend and blaming him for the situation. Sound familiar?
What can we do about resistance? Is there an alternative? Should we resist resistance?
It does not work.
If we notice resistance and try to suppress or resist it - we create more!

The alternative is acceptance. Not resignation, but creative acceptance.
Change is linked to events. People are going to make choices that affect our lives.
We will make choices that have an effect on others.

Charles Handy said: "Change is the only constant".

How we deal with change - invited or not - will affect our vibration and, in turn, our quality of life.
Take a few moments to notice resistance in your body, mind or emotions. How it feels? Restriction? Squeeze? Blocking Frustration? Confusion? Judgment?
Yes, all of these feelings are evidence of resistance.

When I feel resistance, I ask my Higher Self for understanding and creative acceptance.
My prayer will be something like this: "Please show me the root of my resistance and, at the same time, give me an idea of how to creatively accept this situation".

The bottom line is: Change is going to happen. I will also create resistance or acceptance.
Once the choice contributes to the disintegration of my character and the other one strengthens my sense of integrity.

It's my choice.

Increase your Magnetism

personal magnetism

Walking in the woods, hug a tree, absorbing the magnetism of the place.
The Japanese have an expression for this: shinrin-yoku, the English translate as: forest bathing (that is, immersing yourself in the magnetism of the forest), there is another term: Nature therapy.

Sh (森林) shinrin means forest and yoku (浴) means bath. This refers to being immersed in a forest or taking a walk through the forest. It is something to relax, reduce stress and improve your health.
Studies confirm that this actually lowers blood pressure and cortisol. Link here, identical technique is grounding (placing bare feet on the ground and absorbing telluric magnetism through the chakras on the soles of the feet).

Manifesting effectively

how to manifest

Create an environment (or conditions) that will naturally move you forward, so that things like commitment and discipline are optional.
Being motivated to move forward is attractive, but if forced it is not.
Be proactive with all events. Being proactive rather than pro-reactive is more productive.
Add value to everything just for pleasure. When you add value to everything you do just because you like it, people are naturally attracted to you.

Eliminate the delay. Time is expensive and delays are unattractive.
Embrace your greatest weakness, accept it. When you accept and honor the worst part of yourself, you become more free and accept the personality of others.
Be guided exclusively by your values. When he spends his days doing what he does, he becomes a magnet for attraction.

Simplify everything. Abandon nonessential things and leave room for what you want to attract.
The more you fight or resist something, the less it will be yours. The more you appreciate its essence, the more you become one with it.
Ask yourself why you want something. Then ask why you need what you answered.
Keep going until you find out if it's really something that brings happiness.
If you are afraid, go away, take a break and get back to the problem. A new solution will often emerge during this period.
Find out where your personal limits are, and reinforce them rigidly against people trying to undermine your positive energy.

Observe signs and synchronicities.

Surround yourself with people of the same vibration and intention. These people can be family members, co-workers or friends. The universal law of attraction moves by vibration, the vibration of other people can have a great effect on your own personal vibration, making you attract based on the vibration of the group you are surrounded by. Whatever you seek in the outside world, seek it within yourself first.
If it only vibrates according to the external "reality", it will become a reflection of that.

Be honest with yourself, go your way.
Your passion is the fire that ignites the creation of your reality. Use it wisely.



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