Quantum Spirituality
Non-locality, quantum entanglement, spirituality in a quantum perspective, holographic reality.
Motivation, self-help, self-rescue texts.
Texts on advanced metaphysics, parapsychology, paranormal.
Law of Attraction
Reality co-creation, synchronicities, law of attraction.
Mediumship, reincarnation, karma, how spirits manifest.
Questions & Answers
Questions on various topics, esotericism, spiritualism, paranormal.

Compassion basically means accepting people’s frailties, their weaknesses, not expecting them to behave like gods.

On this site you will find texts on motivation, metaphysics, esoterism, parapsychology, ufology, with seriousness.
I do not proclaim myself a seer or guru, nor do I charge hundreds of euros in consultations.

The only products on this site (which are optional) are books or personal coaching (for which I am certified).


Topics covered

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Holographic Reality

Is reality a simulation? Are there alternative realities? Read here

Law of Attraction

Co-creation of reality, synchronicities, self-help. Read here.

Esoteric Glossary

List of esoteric and metaphysical terms from A to Z. Read here.


Esotericism, crystals, holistic therapies. Read here.


Parapsychology, psychic development, paranormal. Read here.y

Quantum Physics

Non-locality, quantum entanglement, quantum spirituality. Read here.


Ufology, official cases, extraterrestrial abduction, implants. Read here.


Everything that transcends physics and reality, transdimensional physics. Read here.


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I dedicated myself 100% to writing. I didn't create a section for services. However, if you are interested, there are services I can do: web design, birth chart, coaching, tarology.

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  • 1 Hour.
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Some of my books, click on the covers to access Amazon

Egyptian Magic

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Metaphysics Terminology

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Quantum Magic

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Sekhm Energy Healing

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If you need services of tarology, Spiritual coaching with NLP please contact me.


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