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On this page I mention some spiritual counseling services that I can do, in addition to coaching.

I have many years of study and practice in these subjects. I approach them seriously: I could even open an office and charge hundreds of euros as some “seers” do, following the easiest and least clear path, but I never chose that.

I can provide spiritual advice, motivation, investigation of psychic phenomena and energetic cleansing, tarology consultations or Reiki Sekhm (Egyptian).

Get in touch and we will schedule an appointment via WhatsApp or Zoom.

A tarology consultation, on average, costs 45 euros and lasts about an hour.

I also have two sites with online courses, certified: one with courses on magic and occultism (Macumba School) and another on psychic and paranormal development (Metagnosis).

PS: I don't do magic work for anyone. However, I can guide and pass on tips for spiritual protection and undo work, if you are being subjected to bad influences.

Soon, I will have a small online store where items ranging from crystals, ritualized talismans and spiritual smoke herbs will be sold.