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In this first introductory text, I invite you to reflect on self-help.
As its name implies, self-help is when you are able to help yourself. The first step is to trust yourself, not to be too demanding or self-penalizing. Another factor to keep in mind is that you should surround yourself with positive people. To feel better, you should cultivate the habit of meditation and reading spiritual themes in order to raise your awareness.
Never give up on your dreams. Always stand up for what you believe in. Be sure to defend your beliefs against shyness or fear of what others might think. One of the reasons people are unhappy is because they have left so many dreams unfulfilled.

Our beliefs change our thinking patterns and neuronal connections, so they change our brain and our genetics, so I find it important to study a little NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

Reprogram yourself positively. When you have a negative thought, you automatically transmute its vibration by creating a positive thought that replaces it. Always seek your truth, and never the truth that others impose.

There are thousands of self-help texts and books, but accept only what resonates with you within.
For example, I may like to read Osho, but the reader may prefer Deepak Chopra, while others prefer David Wilcock. Depending on his core of beliefs, he may choose what makes him feel better.

Learn to forgive yourself. We are human beings living a spiritual experience. Making mistakes is part of the process. Knowing how to learn from mistakes is part of personal evolution.

Find magic in the smallest things in everyday life. Try to minimize the consumption of negative films and documentaries, television violence, low-level social programs with discussions between couples, infidelity, pink press scandals, deadly news and blood, which all intoxicate the spirit. Even without being aware of it, your subconscious absorbs everything. Our mirror neurons make us empathize and resonate emotionally with what we are seeing. Take care. Take care of all those you love around you.
We are all one.

Osho. False needs

Your feelings and your thinking have become two different things, and this is the basis of neurosis. That thinking side of you and the feeling side have separated, and you identify with the thinking side rather than the feeling side. Feeling becomes more real than thinking; Feeling is more natural than thinking. You are born with a heart that feels, but thought is cultivated, it is given to you by society.
Your feeling has become suppressed. Even when you say you feel, you just think you feel.
The feeling became dead and this happened for certain reasons.

When a child is born, he is a feeling being; feels things, but is not yet a thinking being. It's natural, like everything natural, like a tree or an animal. We began, however, to shape it and cultivate it. She will have to suppress her feelings; if she does not, she will always be in trouble. When you want to cry, you can't do it because your parents will censor you.
It will be condemned, not appreciated, and unloved. It will not be accepted as is. It must behave according to a certain ideology, certain ideals. Only then will you be loved.
As it is, love is not meant for her. It can only be loved if it follows certain rules. Such rules are enforced and are unnatural.

The natural being gives way to a suppressed being and that which is not natural, the unreal, is imposed on him. This "unreal" is your mind, and there comes a time when the division is so large that you can no longer overcome it. You completely forget what your true nature is or will be. It becomes a false face; the original countenance was lost.
He also fears feeling the original because at that moment the whole society will turn against him.
You therefore stand against your real nature. This creates a very neurotic situation.

You will no longer know what you want; It ignores what your real and authentic needs are, for only a heart that feels can give you the direction and meaning of your real needs. When they are suppressed, it creates symbolic needs. For example, you may start eating more and more, filling yourself with food, and never feeling satisfied. You really feel the need for love, not for food. Food and love, however, are deeply related.
When the need for love is not felt, or suppressed, a false need for appetite is created.
You can keep eating; Since the need is false, it can never be fulfilled. And we live delivered to false needs.
Therefore there are no achievements.

Osho. Your true Self

true self

Meditation is simply a device to make you aware of your true self (which is not created by you), it need not be created, because it already is. Born with you. You and him! It needs to be discovered. If that is not possible, or if society does not allow it to happen - and no society allows it to happen, because the true self is dangerous: to the established church, dangerous to the state, to the multitude, to tradition, because when A man knows his true self, becomes an individual.
It is no longer part of mass psychology; it will not be superstitious, it cannot be exploited and guided like cattle, it cannot be commanded and commanded. He will live according to his light; depending on your own interiority. Your life will have an extraordinary beauty, integrity. But this is the fear of society.

Integrated people become individuals and society does not want us to be individuals.
Instead of individuality, society teaches you to be a personality.
The word "personality" has to be understood. It comes from the root persona (meaning "mask").

Society gives you a false idea of who you are; gives him only a toy, and remains attached to the toy for his entire life. In my view, almost everyone is in the wrong place.

The person who would have been a tremendously happy doctor is a painter, and the person who would have been a tremendously happy painter is a doctor. No one seems to be in the right place; That's why this whole society is in such a mess. The person is directed by others; It is not driven by your own intuition.

Meditation helps you develop your own intuitive faculty. It becomes very clear what will satisfy you, what will help you flourish. Whatever it is, it will be different for each individual - this is what the word "individual" means: each one is unique.
Seeking and trying to find your uniqueness is a great thrill, a great adventure.

Osho Meditation - The First and Last Freedom
Ed. Shanti

How to cut Energetic Chords

energetic connections

Surely it has ever occurred to you to feel powerless, unmotivated, or tired around a particular person?
In spiritual slang the term Energy Vampires is often used for these people, although I think the term is a bit heavy I think is fair for malicious (conscious) energy vampires. However, some people may do so unknowingly (subconsciously) if they are in a less good phase of life, depressed or melancholic.
Malicious people (for example, bullies who practice bullying at work, or on a daily basis) do so in a programmed manner to cause emotional instability in the victim and to absorb the energies from that victim's emotions.
Other people who do it unconsciously (unintentionally mean) simply walk wistfully and seek attention and affection, their auras automatically absorbing the energy of those around them.

When you notice that you are feeling sleepy, tired or sad around these people, this is one of the signs, always trust your intuition. Get away, if possible, from this individual. If you are a friend try to help her with advice, motivating her, advising her to think more positively. Gradually move away for your well-being if necessary. Analyze the situation well.

When in a public place, waiting room, shop, mentally visualize a protective energy shield around you.
If you are sitting, cross your legs and clasp your hands, and visualize the protective shield. If wearing a crystal pendant or a neck talisman makes you feel better, use it, there's no harm in that.
Periodically purify the talisman and recharge it (either in the moonlight, on earth or with incense smoke, prayers).

There are various ways in which we may be losing energy (being drained energetically) I cannot list them all. But another point I can mention is the so-called energy cords, I prefer to use the term: energetic-emotional bonds.

Sometime in life, we happen to break a love relationship, although it may take months or years, an energetic-emotional connection may remain active with that person. Because we still think lovingly of this person (not totally forgetting him) or the opposite: that person has not forgotten us yet. Communication between them occurs subtly (whether through thoughts, telepathy, dreams).
But how are the energetic-emotional bonds? Are they invisible energy filaments thousands of miles long?
I believe they are nonlocal bonds in the etheric plane, similar to quantum entanglement between particles.
In such a situation, think well, consider severing this link mentally. Start by verbalizing to yourself, who wants to cut this connection, program your subconscious for it, accept it.
Another process may include working (with meditation, chakra and crystal therapy) in the affected area. Depending on your sensitivity, try to feel where there is greater "weight" or swirl of emotions when you think of that person, is it in the chest (solar plexus) or heart (heart chakra) or stomach (umbilical or splenic chakra)?

Put quartz crystals on top of the zone to purify, put your hands on top and imagine that these energetic bonds are disintegrating. Then imagine that from your hands comes golden light to heal this region.
Ask your angel or spiritual guide for support if needed. If you think of someone in concrete, say, “I ask for help in disconnecting from (so-and-so)”. “I ask for help to move on and thank you for the lessons I have learned.”

After this little ritual, light a cleansing incense through your body, take a hot shower and relax.

Are you an Empath?


Empath is the person who feels empathy, also known as an HSP (highly sensitive person).

A sensitive person who is able to feel the emotions of others (empathy), energetic perception, even if they are not living in the same situation, or being sensitive and capturing emotions / thoughts of spirits. They are sentient beings, they absorb energies from others, they must learn to create psychic shields and protect themselves. The empath captures vibrations from other people's aura through his own aura or your solar plexus chakra.

The shamanic quechuan word for empath is "Qawaq"; whih means "one who sees" living energy.

Therefore, I consider this sensitivity a type of mediumship (he can capture emotions, energies and thoughts of others).

Being highly sensitive can be interpreted as a gift or a weight, depending on the interpretation. So there are advantages and disadvantages as we deal with the sensations.

Empaths can be a "human lie detector", emotionally feel the vibrations of the person lying to them, can still read body language, facial micro expressions, the look, etc.
This can be good (recognizing enemies, turning away from toxic people) but it can also hurt when you feel a relative or spouse has lied to you.

Transmute energies.
If you can manage emotionally how you react, you can transmute (with positive thoughts) the negative energies you capture by simply generating new thoughts or nullifying negative energies into positive ones in a kind of inner alchemy.
One has to train emotional management internally.

Their intuition is very strong.

They are good listeners and advisers.

Good workers, entrepreneurs, have a long-term vision of the future.

If they cannot manage this gift emotionally, you may end up receiving too much negative energy and emotions from others.
People may abuse their goodwill and innocence, and constantly be charging favors.
Know to recognize this, not all people are angels, take from time to time spiritual baths of cleansing herbs. Meditate.

Learn how to create boundaries, set your space, don't let them overrun your space and enjoy yourself.

Very sensitive to minimal noise.
They are like energetic sponges.

They are very self-critical.
Sometimes they are unable to distinguish the negative thoughts captured by extraphysical entities from their own thoughts. Analyze the vibration of these thoughts and compare with yours, learn to recognize the frequency of your own thoughts.

Empaths are sometimes extremely compassionate and begin to carry the burdens and problems of others, sometimes becoming emotionally drained (emotional contagion).
Give yourself a break, detoxify, recharge energies.

Sometimes (by no means widespread) they have complicated love relationships because they often attract people who need spiritual or emotional healing.
The empath helps the loved one, listens and advises, gives himself too much and does not always receive attention or love in the same percentage. Some people when they are in a phase of need or depression date empaths, but after they get better they move away and go about their lives.
The first step is to like yourself, do not focus your happiness on solely another person.

Sensitivity to comments, or provocations, rivalries. An empath is more emotionally sensitive, when a negative person tries to hit him with teasing, bullying or other methods, it wreaks havoc.
Train your mind to ignore external provocations, cultivate your self-esteem always, recognize that you are a being of light and do not allow anyone to make you feel bad.

Sílvio Guerrinha


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