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I present some of my books. You can buy on searching for Sílvio Guerrinha, but I share the direct links here.
Now in this pandemic phase covid-19 pandemic international airmail shipments may have delays, in the United States in some states they may deliver by drone or carrier, but choose to buy Kindle ebook versions, instant download. I also use Kobo and Google Books.

Anavarana- Rewriting Reality

anavarana reescrevendo a realidade

New book. So many books on the Law of Attraction, but this isn't just another one.
Five years of book preparation and research, conciliation with quantum physics concepts, collective co-creation, macro singularities, alternative timelines, how to increase your personal frequency and magnetism, various motivational texts and illustrative illustrations.
8 Laws of magnetism, difference between thought (electric) and emotion (magnetic), difference between "attracting" and "projecting", among more. About 202 pages.
Anāvarana in Sanskrit has several meanings, in short it represents something that was revealed, that was never really hidden but that needed to be found with the inner vision.
Anāvaran also means "without obstacles" and something that has been exposed, brought to light.
Paperback . Kindle ebook version here.

Egyptian Magic

egyptian magic

With the help of this book you can travel back to thousands of years to the beginning of magic and resonate with the Egyptian egregore.
In this master piece you will know Heka (Egyptian magic), correspondences for each deity (crystals, candles and corresponding colors), altar setup, strong unprecedented spells, consecrate talismans, kemetic astrology (your Egyptian sign). Over 160 pages ...
With intense research and hard work of several years, I tried to faithfully translate the meaning of hieroglyphics and some invocations into old kemetic (ancient Egyptian).
You will find a correspondence between Egyptian gods and Orishas, exorcism and Egyptian spells and prayers. How to prepare an altar, original Kemetic names.
Egyptian astrology, ceremonial group ritual, solitary rituals, celebration dates.
Worship postures. Hieroglyphs table for coded writing.
Invocations and enchantments in original Kemetic. Consecration of Egyptian amulets and glossary of Kemetic Terms.The Kindle ebook includes coloured letter and images, clickable table of Contents.
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Quantum Magic

Quantum magic

A complete and different magickal formulary. It approaches magick in a modern, effective and scientific perspective based on quantum physics. A compendium with more than 150 spells over 200 pages, some little known, from different systems (from Egyptian magick, Gypsy magick, Afro-Brazilian magick to Umbanda and Candomblé, among others).
The book isn’t a result of mere curiousity of the subject but it is the result of several years of research, experience and practice. .. Unprecedented divinatory method of numerology by Cagliostro, powerful Egyptian exorcism, gypsy spells that no longer exist in current books.
Paperback and ebook.
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Metaphysics Terminology

Metaphysics Terminology

A complete glossary with over 650 esoteric terms, metaphysical expressions, gnosis, occultism, parapsychology, and more. About 237 pages and several images. I am working on a revised second edition of this book, reaching the 700 terms and expressions and making the information more robust.
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Sekhm Energy Healing

Sekhm Energy Healing

This book deals with remote energy healing based on the Egyptian healing system and Sekhm energy (Egyptian name for chi energy, or prana in Hinduísm). A complete book with levels I, II and III, various illustrations and treatment positions.
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Esculturas do Pensamento

esculturas do pensamento

Spiritual Poetry, Portuguese language only.

I have five more books in preparation, as well as online courses, I write my own study modules (monographs) based on the knowledge and research of the last twenty years, so they are original materials created by me. Coming soon on the Meta gnosis website (meta = beyond, gnosis = knowledge).