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Over the years, I have gained my experience in spirituality and motivation.
I decided to do training to prove my knowledge and got certifications (clients always like to see references). I did a 60-hour training at Udemy in Coaching with NLP (I completed written tests and participated online by videoconference), and I did a training in English at the Centre of Excellence, a total of 150 hours, with 9 modules and written tests.

In Portugal, several entities provide training. They take advantage of the field’s profitability and charge over 1200 euros. The certificates they issue belong to the ICF (International Coach Federation), but do they proclaim themselves as the only certifying body?
Coaching is a profession that still lacks legislation. There is not just one official “single certifying body”, but opportunists. A coach is no less valid for not being associated with an entity “X” or “Y”.

There are several coaching categories. Some coaches specialize in a certain field, like business, motivation, marriage, sports, and so on.

My method of existential coaching has a spiritual component, in a fusion between spirituality with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), motivation, astrology, and holistic reading of the individual.

By talking to me, you can have the motivation and encouragement that a coach provides. Sometimes my mediumistic intuition can show you some insights, and if any spiritual problems occur in your life, my perspective on these issues starts by looking at everything from a different angle, so that we can find solutions and treatments to improve your energy.
I can provide coaching and finally send you Sekhem energy, for instance. There are several possibilities.

Firstly, we can start by scheduling a weekly session (lasting 1.5 hours), which can take place online via WhatsApp chat or in person. The price is $60. You can stop whenever you see fit. You don’t have to make five or six appointments, nothing of the sort. After a session, I may ask you to do written exercises that will help you set goals and objectives.

A coaching session is like a psychology consultation, but they are different areas, as psychology is more extensive and specialized. However, the client will be able to vent, establish a connection, be actively listened to, and receive advice and motivation.
Coaching helps you to find answers and motivation within yourself. My coaching is spiritualized as, based on my spiritual background, I have adapted my coaching to spirituality. I also have training in NLP.


Spiritual coaching promotes self-healing, and empowerment of the self.
NLP helps to correct sabotaging thoughts, improve emotional intelligence, overcome compulsive behavior, create a successful mindset, improve one’s perspective on life, achieve personal fulfillment, among others.
Take advantage of the different texts on the website, where you can find out more about coaching, human emotions, mental blocks, and life goals.

Value what truly matters and achieve the results you deserve.


I removed the contact form because I received hundreds of messages from SPAM bots, please write me at silvio_g [at] , thank you for your understanding.