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Spiritual Matrix is a project I have been working on for the last few years. It aims to be a portal on spirituality, metaphysics and quantum physics, addressing a variety of topics with seriousness and research. A multilingual portal, with Portuguese and Spanish versions, updated regularly. I am from Portugal.
I always choose to make visually clean websites, without advertisements, pop-ups, for a clean read.
The sources of revenue are just my selling products: books of my own or online courses (Metagnosis). You can read a little about me on the appropriate page, I have other websites such as:,

The name Spiritual Matrix was obviously inspired in the Matrix trilogy and all its philosophy, and yet encompassing the theory of simulation, the holographic universe and the whole Matrix of the spiritual world, the invisible that projects the visible, the unmanifest becoming manifest.

By researching quantum physics topics and combining them with spiritual matters that I have been researching for many years, I go straight to the source of the most remote knowledge (Kemetic Mythology, Sumerian Mythology, and Hindu: the Vedas), converting them to a more sophisticated and contemporary spirituality.

I will maintain a neutral viewpoint, without attacking one religion against another, without alarmism or apocalyptic news about the end of the world, without using fear as clickbait, on this site the reader can be assured that the author of texts is an expert in these subjects.
I know there are many copycats on the internet that, to not have work or effort, copy texts, so most of the topics that I publish on this portal are only demonstrative, you may know the topics more completely in my books and courses.

I sincerely hope that this website can provide you with light and inspiration, and I encourage you to participate, comment, and spread the word about us. If you know of a list of directories and search engines, email me and I will submit my website url.

Em Hotep.

Sílvio Guerrinha


I removed the contact form because I received hundreds of messages from SPAM bots, please write me at silvio_g [at] , thank you for your understanding.