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Questions & Answers

1-Are we Only Reicarnated on Earth?

In my personal belief, I think we can reincarnate on other planets too, on other solar systems, or on several existential planes at the same time.

2-Dimensional Ascension means leaving out this Reality?

Planetary ascension (means the Earth will have vibrational upgrade) yet I believe that only the most spiritualized people will rise in frequency, there are still many people who do acts of terrorism, there are wars, pollution, conflicts and all that still slows evolution...
But a few thousand humans dedicated to the study and practice of spirituality may indeed rise, but that does not mean moving from here to another reality, it means raising our energetic state to resonate with the frequencies of fifth dimensionality. When you reach spiritual enlightenment you'll be in a state of quantum overlap, you can be all potentialities at once.

3- God made man in His image, is He like Us?

If we are similar to the image of god, and vice versa, it means (as I understand) that we are a microcosm (minor universe) as the macrocosm (larger universe, God) ie our body with billions of cells, energetic chakras, resembles a universe, neurons and cells that emit bioluminescence resemble tiny stars, our inner body seen by a conscious cell would resemble a universe. On the other hand in the outer Universe (macrocosm) galaxies and stars resemble chakras, pulsar stars emit signals that seem intelligent, the universe itself resembles a conscious and omniscient living being. Cosmotheism defends this as well.

4- What do you Think about Fallen Angels? Are they Demons?

Instead of the term demon, I prefer to say negative entity, many "demons" are entities of folklore, ancient Roman or Greek gods that the Church demonized. The word demon derives from the Greek δαιμόν (daimon) deity or spirit. Fallen angels may actually be spiritual entities who have voluntarily decided to descend to our three-dimensional plane (they have not been expelled from heaven or any dimension), some of these entities have become accustomed or modified by the denser vibration of our material world, or have become addicted to experiences and experiences. passions of human life.
There are still other entities on higher astral planes which are the archonts described by Gnosis that drain the energy generated by humanity (from our thoughtforms, astral egregores etc).

5-Amulets, Rituals, do They Protect from Hexes?

All kinds of rituals, use of talismans, herbal baths, prayers, are moved by the practitioner's faith and induce a more comforting state of mind (their personal vibration rises).
So whenever you raise your personal vibration you are "above" the lower vibrations of the evil astral or spiritual entities, they will not be able to affect you because they cannot resonate with you. The same is true of the evil energies of some witch (or evil eye) that have directed you, these energies cannot tune in with you (if you are at a higher frequency) and return to the sorcerer (this is the known law of return, triple law). Energy cannot be destroyed, is transformed, or back to the sender, following the path of least resistance.

6-Are Spirit and Soul the same Thing?

I believe they are different things, there are not always the same definitions on the internet, Gnosis, Theosophy and Spiritism can give different definitions. My vision is that the soul is a characteristic of the spirit, the "personality" and charisma of our spirit. When we incarnate in a human life, the soul is our portion of eternal energy within space time (the reality in which we live). When we discarnate and return to the spiritual realm, we are spirit: Eternal energy outside spacetime. In short, the soul is a facet of the spirit expressing itself within spacetime.

7-Is a Medium a Special Person, born with a Gift?

I learned from the Spiritism doctrine that we all have mediumistic faculties, and that can be developed. Some psychic mediums who advertise themselves in newspapers or appear on television are tricksters, others argue that they were born with a "gift" and that they are chosen ones, just for the sake of propaganda and because having an enlarged ego.
We can all develop psychic faculties with dedication, study and practice, obviously the degree depends on each person's level of sensitivity and dedication. Some are born with a gift yes (may have been developed in past lives etc), but one has to be humble and not let vanity rise to the ego, no one is "special" no one is "the chosen one", we are all special.

8-Does Hell exist?

It depends. Religions created the metaphor of hell to control the masses of the faithful with fear, the fear of going to hell led people to seek protection in the Church, paying money to save their souls and go to Heaven. There are currently certain Christian religions that sell places in heaven. But I believe there are some planes in the lower astral (where there are negative energies and entities), but each discarnated person will go to a dimensional world with which they have vibrational resonance. Hell itself is a state of mind within us when the individual is misaligned with the depressed, melancholy existence in inner spiritual death. On the other hand, Heaven is a state of self-fulfillment, fullness, being in tune with divine consciousness.

9-What do You think About God?

A little controversial. I don't believe in a male god, the god that humanity created in his image, I prefer to believe in the deity that created humanity and the universe.
I use the term Divinity many times, as it is more comprehensive, this cosmic consciousness is spirit so it has both polarities (masculine and feminine at once), the universe itself is conscious, everything is holographically part of divinity, all stars, galaxies, multiverses and all beings (including us) in a kind of cosmos. Divinity is not an individual, but a gestalt energy… An ever-expanding psychic pyramid of interrelated consciousness that creates, simultaneously and instantaneously, universes and individuals to which they are given - through the gift of personal perspective - duration, psychic understanding, intelligence and eternal validity.

10-Does everything in Legends Exist?

Many of the mythological beings in the legends are archetypes, concepts, represent coded symbolic teachings, but I believe that all beings that take shape in our imagination (collective unconscious of humanity) begin to come to life in the astral plane, or in akasha (generating thought-forms) , egregores).

11-Do we All Have a Twin Flame (Soulmate)?

Regarding the concept of soul mate, I share the vision of spiritualism, but I go a little further. Soul mate is not a spiritual "half" that completes us, but a person with the same level of vibration and energetic affinities with us. Not only means the loved ones (boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife) can be also friendships with which we have deep karmic bonds from other lives. We do not connect with anyone by chance in this life.
Moreover, I believe that we find in life not just one "soul mate" but several, I prefer to call them group souls, i.e. souls (or spirits, personalities) that are made of the same essence as us, the same spiritual complex, who have had energetic connections with us in other lives, and so on. It's a complex subject that could go even deeper.
Not always soul mate brings us "happiness", there are relationships between soul mates (whether friendship, family or dating) that end after a few years, because the goal of the union has been completed, would serve to learn a lesson, or teach a lesson to that person, or bridging some old karmic debt, go through a moment that has helped us evolve, among others. Of all the people who have gone through your life, try to keep only the good memories, learn with the experiences of your life, always.

Sílvio Guerrinha